Innovating food to Age Gracefully

On a mission to solve specific ageing food needs in a systematic way, Well before the start of ageing journey

WeZoop is a start-up venture developing a healthy ageing food

Our primary aim is to develop healthy food journey through identifying correct old age need and innovatively delivering by keeping quality at the forefront

Fermented milk product enriched with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants

Based on the recommendations of geriatricians and in order to avoid frequent deficiencies of vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium and proteins a goal was set. The aim was to create a food that could provide a daily dose of vitamins A, C, D, B12, B9, supplement diet with proteins, calcium, zinc, antioxidants and calories.

About us

We are team of Food Technologist, Food Scientist Professors and Entrepreneurs

Product is developed in collaboration with experts from